Anonymous asked:
The first SP song I heard was This Song Saved My Life and it was this time last year... I still feel like a new fan but their music is so powerful and I have loved them ever since...

A fan is a fan; new or old, young or older, and just as important!

  Anonymous asked:
Last year I saw the music video of Summer Paradise on tv and I really liked it but never looked Sp up and this year am I changing alotnin everything also music taste and I came back to Simole Plan and I like the other songs even more!

That’s awesome to hear! Simple Plan is a gem to listen to, for sure!

  dinahbeyonce asked:
My first song was I'm just a kid, my best friends older sister had the cd and we used to listen to it all the time, we were obsessed!! We were only 7 or 8

Cool! I’m Just A Kid was the first song of theirs I heard, too!

  sickerthxngs asked:
I was a still a little kid I heard my first Simple Plan song and it was Your Love is Just a Lie. Didn't understand the concept back then but they could play and he could sing and was like damn. Ahaha.

Their self titled album is my favourite! I believe that song was the first song I learned on guitar, don’t remember how to play it anymore because I don’t play much guitar nowadays! It’s been so long!

  sydsaysthis asked:
My first simple plan song was...well, the whole first CD. It was my older sisters, but I stole it from her and then bought the rest of their CDs as they came out. Pretty much my favorite band of all time. :)

That’s awesome! Their first album was a jam!

  thecommenter2013 asked:
I was 12 and heard my sister playing Simple Plan so I asked her what it was and she said "Shut Up!" and I thought she was telling me to shut up so I told my mom and she got in trouble and now simple plan is my favorite band.

Haha, that’s funny! Awesome that your sister introduced you to the band, though!

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